Lem EP

Petit Beurre

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  1. Lunar.mp3 Lunar - Petit Beurre
  2. Module.mp3 Module - Petit Beurre


Since their smashing debut EP "HOMELAND MELODIES" PETIT BEURRE are having a massively productive time. After a successful rework release of „TRIBUTE TO MM“ the two LINZ-based sound twiddlers are treating our ears and minds with another fresh masterpiece perfectly demonstrating their fruitful musical talent and skills.
The impressive appeal of their latest EP "LEM" is transported through two distinctive tracks. First "LUNAR", with its grooving, funky beats incorporated with true, solid Detroit vibes, is inevitably driving the crowd in one direction and one direction only – STRAIGHT FORWARD to the FLOOR. The minute the chords are tuning in elicits the listener a toothy grin, "Big Fun" ist the epiphany of the moment and there is no choice but moving to the beat until the very last second. Laid on too much you say? No way folks! Oldskool meets Newskool ... marvellous, splendid ... AMEN!
"MODULE", the second track on the EP, is in a way driven by its producers' very own natural understatement. Adorably humble and perfectly melodic. "Is it House"? you might ask ... No doubt about that! Just listen to this piece's hookline engraving itsself into your mind for good. Jamming, soulful and sexy are the attributes best describing why this track has all the makings of a hit.