Homeland Melodies EP

Petit Beurre

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  1. Petit Beurre - Waiting for M.mp3 Waiting For M - Petit Beurre
  2. Petit Beurre - TSpace.mp3 T-Space - Petit Beurre


Austrian producer duo "Petit Beurre" teamed up in the early 2000s in the booming techno scene of their homebase Linz. Conquering the local scene as a well booked live act under their alter ego "Pacalolo" in no time, numerous international bookings followed where they once more proved their distinctive skills.
"Petit Beurre" now provides the perfect platform for their passion for House music."Grooooove" is their trade... Techno and House, Detroit and Disco their tools...
Labeling Petit Beurre's tracks is a hard one. Way too diversified the fondness and refined taste of this sound fiddling collective.
Always true to their motto- "Something goooood is gonna come 'round."